Leviste article


Friday, April 04, 2008

Young legislators express collective
support for Arroyo administration

THE National Movement of Young Legislators (NYML) passed a resolution on March 30 in support of President Gloria Arroyo.

The group is composed of officials of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation, councilors, and provincial board members, vice mayors and vice governors under 35 years old. The group claimed the resolution was passed as a birthday present for President Arroyo on April 5, as well as minimizes the negative impact of current anti-Arroyo rallies and demonstrations.

The NYML maintains its support for the administration, believing that it is able to fulfill its commitment to good governance, as proven by the widening of socioeconomic programs that increases growth and cuts poverty nationwide. These include policies on health, education and community development that are aimed at turning the Filipino youth to be competitive following global standards.

“We, as representatives of our respective localities, are confident that the president deserves the gratitude and support of our members and kababayans for her untiring and resolute effort to improve the quality of life of our people through sound economic policies, strengthened partnerships and strong leadership,” said the group’s statement.

They seek national unity so that Filipinos may achieve the dream of a stable, progressive and peaceful country.

Vice Governor Marc Leviste of Batangas, speaking for the NMYL, said that the group is one with the President in the pursuit for genuine social change and national development and her continuing efforts to address the problems of the nations and the needs of the youth.
— Angelique P. Manalad


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