DOJ chair

After almost two decades of service and loyalty to the university as faculty member in the Department of Journalism, Prof. Felix V. Cabahug was chosen as its chairperson.

The newly appointed department chair is a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, and has a Master’s Degree in Development Communication from UP Los Baños under his belt. He is currently taking his Doctorate Degree in Educational Management in our university.

Prof. Cabahug could still recall how his career started in PUP.

It all began when he stumbled upon an ad in the Manila Bulletin saying that PUP was looking for a Journalism instructor and the rest was history.

When asked how he managed to have survived the university for over 18 years, the chairperson smiled and replied, “Natuto akong magpasensya. As a teacher, I learned to understand the whims and caprices of every student and faculty member alike.”

After a thorough selection of possible candidates for the DOJ’s seat, Prof. Cabahug was chosen as the fourth chairperson of the department, replacing Prof. Angelina Borican, who is now a director of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Development.

On his appointment last October 23, 2007, Prof. Cabahug vowed to serve and help the department achieve academic excellence.

First in the to-do list of the new chair is to acquire more computers for the Newsroom to dust off its cobwebs and make it more useful to the students.

“Ask not what the department can do for you, but what you can do for your department,” is the advice of the very reticent chair to all his students and faculty to make the department reach its peak.


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