Good news, bad news


Good news, bad news

Menaya’s The Worst News

By Angelique Manalad, Contributor

After years of hiatus, Menaya is back to give their fans news—their second album entitled The Worst News. It boasts a new and dynamic sound that will certainly captivate listeners and keep them hooked, as the band evolved to a more mature musicality.

As members come and go making vocalist Brian Sombero as the only original member left, drummer Hepe Lavador, bassist Sherwin Olivar and guitarist Mike Bacalzo joined to infuse the band with new blood. The new album is proof that the current lineup is tight.

Sombero penned the songs together with Karen de la Cruz. Some additional lyrics were by Day Cabuhat. Containing 10 songs that features Sombero’s calming voice, Olivar’s ability to compliment with Bacalzo’s riffs and strums and Lavador’s beats, the album offers an eerie feel yet comforting sound.

The album opens with the title track which welcomes listener to what is in store with them, making them anticipate the following songs. ”Safer,” the carrier single enjoying radio airplay, is a song about braking free of emotional dependency.

A song guaranteed to get stuck in your mind is “Happiness.” Delivered in the dark and hefty beats and riffs, it is a hypnotic chorus of two people sharing happiness in a present situation that has no guarantees from the future and no strings from the past.

“Bakit Kailangan,” the only Tagalog song in the album, is a lover’s anguish that showcases vocal harmony. “Everytime” deals with a situation that lovers find themselves at times.

Sombero’s wordplay is highlighted with “Idioms.” Syllabic phrases combined with the band’s refined sound makes for catchy song guaranteed to reverberate in one’s head.

Marking the evolution of their music, “New Chapter,” the last song in the album, signals hope. Sombero sings, “There’s a miracle inside . . ” The same can be said for this album.


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