Soul stealers


Soul stealers

Let the Out of Body Specials take you to another dimension in sound

By Angelique P. Manalad, Contributor

With the mission of transporting you off your physical being, Out of Body Special promises to get you out of yourself when they play, as they transport you to some distant memory, dream or fantasy, giving you an experience distinctly their own.

Composed of Carlos Magno on vocals, Diego Beltran on percussion, Inky de Dios, Patrick Co and Martin Veerayah strumming the guitars, Garon Honasan on saxophone, Ted Mark Cruz on drums and Niño Avenido, the man on bass, completes the set. In 2004, Magno got together with Co, Beltran, Avenido, Diaz and Cruz, they jammed one song, after recording it, they were offered a gig which resulted in them finally wanting to be a band. Soon, Honasan and Viraya joined as the final piece of the eight-man band.

Their music

They usually mix their flavor with old funk bands of the 1970s like Earth, Wind and Fire; Sly and the Family Stone; Parliament Funkadelic and the like. “Its a mix of everything, punk, soul, metal, hip-hop and jazz,” Cruz explained.

“We want to reach people who can understand what our songs talk about. We all write our songs wanting our listeners to be able to experience something new with our music,” Magno intones.

For a band having eight members is, of course, extraordinary but keeping it tight and organized made it possible for them. Seeing it even as an advantage as they were able to give more flavor to their sound from different influences which each of them has. “Next album, maybe we’ll become 20,” Diaz laughed.

The man behind

The Out of Body Special wowed manager Raymond Fabul with their unique fusion of music and compelled him to add them to the bands under his belt. He wanted to push them further. Five of the band members were his batchmates in college. Even before the group was formed, he was supportive of their individual endeavors.

“I can’t do what this guys can do. And their talents are really to be admired, there’s certain happiness when I see them doing it well and making other people happy,” says Fabul.

What’s next?

Definitely, there’s a lot more to watch out for as Out of Body Special starts a new journey in creating their second album. They would find new ways to make us all lose our senses for a new special out of body experience.


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