rockin’ with the academe


By Angelique Manalad

(Unedited copy of article from FUDGE magazine November 2008 issue)

Some started young; some begun in just simply hanging out and some are really serious in pursuing their dreams as musicians. But then only few bands born in college survive and only a handful was able to make it big in the music scene. The guys from RJUR 105.9FM Underground Radio thought of a way to give the aspiring bands a taste of what lies ahead of them by bringing Rockademics Bar tour.

Marketing Associate of RJUR Niki Flojo also known as deejay Mick Zinger tells that they came up with the idea of Rockademics after the success of their previous bar tour R u listening which was done to launch their countdown. Conceptualizing a new tour involving schools was a great challenge as there are a lot of restrictions that were presented. “UR is into connecting classics to modern Pinoy bands; bridging the gaps so what we thought why not try and mix the school bands; young bands with the professional bands that they look up to?” And thus, Rockademics was born and bred into full force.

They started to contact schools, basically from the music organizations of different universities all-around the metro, and as expected they were eager and excited to participate and coordinate. They were all flattered and thankful for the exposure and the break that UR offered them as each society can gather together up to5 bands that’ll represent them to the gig with the pros that were invited by UR.

Another goal of this event is to help the amateur college bands align their mindsets on the important reason why they want to be in the music industry. Rockademics having the tagline “Rocking the right way,” Christine Isaac aka deejay Memphis, the events coordinator simply puts it that, “This is an opportunity for them to learn how it is really done, for them to have a goal to reach. [So they’ll realize that] they have to take their crafts seriously, coz if not…wag na lang sila mag-banda diba?”

The well-seasoned bands The Wuds—who was discovered by RJ’s very own Howlin’ Dave back in the days—Phil Vio, Gayuma, Markus Highway, Urbandub, Faspitch, DRT and Paramita all signed up for this event. “This is a great venue for each band to learn from each other. Not just for the amateur ones but also for us. We all have to share our talents it’s all about giving love…We’re all here for the love of music.” Derik Ileto, bassist of DRT intones. Each band is asked to say something about their experiences or anything that they can impart to the young aspirants who shares the same stage as them for the night.

San Sebastian’s Sebastinian Arts Society with their bands Knock for six, quern, naydstar, CBE, K.I.D. and Alagad ni Lumad was scheduled for the first leg of the tour on Sept. 13 at Freedom Bar. Mapua Music Society’s Soil & Green, Mahiwaga, Skypeia, Talata and Project Aina takes center stage on Oct.4 at Ten02, College of St. Benilde’s Music Network with their selection Salamin, Kastigo, Glorious Masai Mara Skypeia and Joniver Trio scheduled to perform at Chakik’s in Pasig on Oct. 10 and the final leg to be held in the same venue as the third features Kalayaan College’s Kalayaan Music Association (KAMA)’s bands Maya’s Anklet, Quadro, VHE, Misyonaryo and Favored Enemy on Oct. 17.

The event is sponsored by Red Horse Beer with Digiprint, RJ Guitar Center, JackTV,, and Fudge Magazine.


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