Flashin’ for all to see


(unedited copy- Fudge magazine, April- May 2009 issue)

Who among you have watched the movie Step up 2? Raise your hand. Well, if you can still remember that scene where they suddenly danced in the train and received different reactions from their fellow passengers, brace yourselves for it won’t be long until that same scenario happens on MRT or LRT as the flash mob craze finally arrives in the country.

So, what is flash mob? (No, it’s not indecent public flashing okay?) It is a rapidly growing international phenomenon, flash mob performers assemble in a public place, display a unique action – much like in the famed Grand Central freeze where 200 people suddenly froze in place for 5 minutes— and finally disperse leaving the audience amazed by the performance.

As Tang introduces their new line of thirst quenchers which is the Tang Fruit Teaz, they also came up with the first ever user-generated youth online show in the country dubbed as Teazperiments hosted by top young celebrities Ketchup Eusebio and Andi Manzano.

The show gathers students from different school organizations to form their own renditions of original flash mob performances. “What’s nice about the show is students can get involved with these by expressing their creativity and kung ano yung trip na pwepwede nila gawin. Trip lang ‘to e! Kumbaga yung nag-eenjoy lang kayo and then kinakuhanan nyo lang video then upload it on the web. What’s nice about it is this is a competition so you will win something out of it.” Ketchup animatedly shares. We know Ketchup as one of the renowned young actors as he started gracing the limelight since he was 15 years old appearing on different shows such as Berks, It’s A Guy Thing and the recent indie film Ploning.

“It squeezes out the creativity in the students and it challenges the students even more especially we know that the students are very gifted nowadays. This is one way of letting them know and to show off how creative they really are.” Andi added, who is also a model, Magic 89.9 DJ and MTV VJ.

“Teens naturally want to explore things around them, hoping to discover something fun and interesting that would cure their boredom,” says Cindy Abella, Brand manager for Tang Fruit Teaz.  “Through Teazperiments, we thought this natural curiosity can be geared towards creative and exciting outputs.”

Abella further explains that the best part about this show is that the teens themselves can judge who created the most fun and creative flash mob presentation.  They vote online by logging on to www.teazperiments.com.

Although the first wave of competition only includes 7 school organization which were UP Theater Council, Ateneo De Manila University’s Dulaang Sibol and Tanghalang Ateneo, San Sebastian Theater Arts Guild, La Consolacion College Manila’s Arté.Comm and FEU-FERN Theater Society which will end by the end of March, Teazperiment will have another round of competition where anyone, all ages, shapes and sizes can join and brew up those creative juices. Go and log on to the site and see for yourselves if you and you’re friends can beat others in the flash mob craze


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