Peace and love anyone?


By Angelique Manalad Contributor

With the H1N1 pandemic in full swing, the fall out of the global economic crunch and the Con-Ass debacle, these are alarming times to say the least. Amid these troubles, it is wise to let music do all the healing for our weary souls. Thankfully, this country boasts a lot of musical talents and Pisenlav is one of the many.

Composed of drummer Benmark Favorito and bassist Fernando Se, Pisenlav was born in the campus of the University of Santo Tomas. The duo was playing music in a band since 2000.

The Eraserheads and The Beatles heavily influenced Pisenlav’s repertoire. Favorito and Se described their songs as belonging to the alternative rock genre.

In 2005, they recorded a five tracked independent EP but also experienced the hardships of being an unsigned band with members coming and leaving, going to unpaid gigs or having to sell tickets in order to be able to perform. But not losing hope in pursuing their passion, they contacted Jethro Estacio (Guitarist) and Fernando’s high school classmate, Jinky Golifardo (Guitarist). As a four-piece band they formed Mister Eddie Wagwag with Favorito doing the vocals.

Adding a certain twang for the band, Kate Lozano (Main Vocals) who was Favorito’s high school classmate became the final puzzle piece. Although some members resisted the idea of having a female vocalist, in the end they finally agreed that it was one of the best decisions that they made.

Combining different influences, Pisenlav gave birth to distinct chill-out sound blended with pop rock, alternative and reggae. Their songs, while being thematically linked to love, transports you to a place that bears the ambiance of a seaside escape where you can relax on a swaying hammock.

The band collaborates in writing their songs and hopes to finish their first independent album by this year with Lozano’s hypnotic voice in each track promising nothing but sweet serenity for those who will lend their ears.

Today Pisenlav is busy making it through the barriers having their song “Fill You Up,” debut last week at RJ 105.9 Underground Radio’s Daily Demo Delivery. The band also got to play their music for a good cause when they performed for the World Health Organization during the “World No Tobacco Day” held at the Rajah Sulayman Park, Roxas Boulevard.

According to the band, they are currently seeking ways to connect to a wider audience. “We launched the beta version of the official band website at,” Estacio shared. “It’s not yet fully launched as we will be adding more stuff soon. Like the official band blog, wherein we write about the life and times of an indie band in the Philippines. Also, we are planning launch a contest on the website wherein winners will win a free copy of the album.”

Thankfully, there’s still enough Pisenlav to go around.


8 thoughts on “Peace and love anyone?

  1. wow cool, they’re on manila times! i know some of the members personally, and theyre really talented. Bem is from usths ’01, and Kate is from batch ’02. ^^

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