On the wings of the fallen

Vampires and the wolves are passé.
But guess what? Angels have all fallen and crashed into the young adult fiction section of our bookstores. Killing the monotonous vampire-mortal scenario, a good fallen angel and a mortal falling in love seems to be the latest reading fad for teens.
First, there’s Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, it’s the usual there’s a new boy at school and the straight-laced studious girl’s interest was piqued by his bad boy manners. There are some similarities with Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight series, that you can almost ask if Fitzpatrick just replaced vampires with her fallen angel character.
Giving that bad boy vibe is a fallen angel named Patch. He is sure to keep the female readers hooked. There are enough twists that will keep you reading, especially since the protagonist Nora can be a little too immature with her decisions, making you want to read what’s the outcome of her love struck choices. It has a good cover, judge if it’s a good read.
Falling with a big thud
Landing on the fifth spot of the New York Times best seller list last December, Fallen by Lauren Kate promises a new take on this relatively new fantasy genre where wings and not fangs are in. Certain elements make this one a rather compelling read. Kate introduced an agnostic protagonist that later on worked for her advantage, who was admitted to a reform school for being accused of certain occurrences in her life.
It was a vividly dark story, rich with mystery that even in the middle of the book, you’ll still doubt if your guesses are right or not. The setting is really original which was good to veer away with the usual high school drama present in teen fictions. Kate was able to weave romance into a gothic take on religion, which is a breath, if not of fresh air then definitely, of something new. But in the end of course, the sinisterly handsome fallen angel gets the girl.
Both of these fallen angel-themed books are cliffhangers as sequels are to be released later this year. Teen fiction has gone to a new dimension or better yet to a new time and space.

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