Manila goes nuts with theatrical rendition of Peanut’s ‘You’re a good man, Charlie Brown’

You probably grew up knowing Snoopy and the rest of the gang, which Charles Schulz had immortalized in his internationally known comic strip Peanuts. For more than five decades, people had been reading quick-witted dialogues and satirical exchanges between Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Shroeder, and Sally that it feels like you’re part of the group at one point or another. But this time, avid reader or not, Charlie Brown finally let the world know about how depressing it can be on his shoes amid being in the colorful world that he’s in. The popular, Tony Award-winning, comedy musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is finally staged in Manila through the efforts of 9 Works Theatrical that opened on Saturday February 11 at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza, along Ayala Avenue in Makati City.


On the wings of the fallen

Vampires and the wolves are passé. But guess what? Angels have all fallen and crashed into the young adult fiction section of our bookstores. Killing the monotonous vampire-mortal scenario, a good fallen angel and a mortal falling in love seems to be the latest reading fad for teens. Shhhhhhhhh First, there’s Hush, Hush by Becca … Continue reading On the wings of the fallen

All you need is love

By Angelique Manalad (Fudge Magazine Feb-March 2009 issue, p.61) “Madaming issues.” Guitarist Ean Aguila declares with a telling laugh that only someone who survived all the bull*ts can. Drummer Zig Zabara and keyboardist Heidi confirms how pathetic the whole situation became. The two were referring to guitarist Joe Fontanilla’s schedule at the callcenter he worked … Continue reading All you need is love

My Myx, Your Myx, Everybody Myx!

By Angelique Manalad (Fudge Magazine Feb-March 2009 issue p.66) The annual event presented by Myx dubbed as Myx Mo, was a night of good music, sweat, shouts, possible brawl and everything you could ask for in a rockin’ big concert. But it’s a different world backstage. A night of bonding, catching up and that nerve-wracking … Continue reading My Myx, Your Myx, Everybody Myx!

bloomfields (christmas album review) There’s something blooming this Christmas ‘Pasko Natin ‘To’ by the Bloomfields By Angelique P. Manalad, Contributor Wanting to deliver a more Filipino-flavored Christmas album, The Bloomfields offers their second album “Pasko Natin ‘To” as their gift for everyone this Yuletide season. With 10 tracks to ensure everyone a warm feeling to share the band … Continue reading bloomfields (christmas album review)

Checkin’ out Check

By Angelique Manalad (unedited copy of the article from FUDGE Magazines Dec-Jan '09 issue) Four childhood friends, Jim Pangan (vocals), Cheiy Alanes (guitars), Roy Ordonio (guitars) and Ode Tolato (bass) decided to experiment on music on 2003, as one member left, they found their buddy Jarwin Javier (drums) to complete the missing piece and finally, … Continue reading Checkin’ out Check

Talkin’ to the new girl of 90210

(unedited copy of article taken from Fudge Magazine's Dec-Jan '09 issue) By Angelique Manalad Tagged as Hollywood’s Next Big Thing after landing the lead role in 90210, the spin-off of the hit teen drama of the 90s, Shenae Grimes found herself in the middle of pressure, hype and the ever conspicuous eye of the US … Continue reading Talkin’ to the new girl of 90210

Menaya’s new-found sound

The Worst News is definitely NOT the worst By Angelique Manalad (Unedited copy of article from FUDGE Magazine November 2008 issue) The launch of their new album entitled The Worst News signaled Menaya’s resurrection back to the music scene after their three-year break, promising a new sound guarantee to astound with reverberating drumbeats, different guitar … Continue reading Menaya’s new-found sound